Pastor & Mrs. Farrell Shepherd

On Sunday October 12, 2014 Bro Farrell Shepherd became Pastor of the Island Ford Baptist Church. Bro. Shepherd was born April 18, 1966 in Wilkes County, North Carolina to Plato & Ann Shepherd. When he was just eight days old, Bro. Shepherd made his first visit to church which was also the day both of his parents were gloriously saved by God’s grace. Not many years later, his father announced his call into the ministry with Bro. Shepherd making his profession of faith a few months later at the age of eight years on June 29, 1974. While dating his future wife, Melissa, Bro. Shepherd began to feel the call of God into the ministry. They were married March 15, 1985 and having ran from his call for some time, he ultimately surrendered his life in July of the same year. At this time his Father was pastoring Vision Baptist Church which he had started in 1979 and would continue for the next 9+ years until his resignation in 1989. In that year Bro. Shepherd took his father’s place as Pastor and continued for the next 26+ years. In 2001 Bro. Shepherd felt the need for a printing ministry and started Vision Baptist Press. Since its inception they have printed over 6.5 million pieces of literature. Unaware of the changes to come, he was feeling comfortable and content at his church, but God had other plans. In July of 2014 Bro. Gary Hall announced to the Island Ford Baptist Church that he felt it was God’s time to step down. In August, the church formed a pulpit committee and began to pray for the man God would choose. Feeling strongly toward Bro. Shepherd, the committee presented his name to the church and with a majority vote, extend an invitation to him to candidate as Pastor. At the end of August, Bro. Shepherd came and preached for the church and was unanimously voted in as the new Pastor of the Island Ford Baptist Church. He officially took the Pastorate on Oct. 12 in a special service with Bro. Gary Hall preaching his final message as pastor and Bro. Shepherd his first as the new Pastor. We thank God for sending Bro. Shepherd and look forward to what the Lord has for our church.