The Island Ford Baptist Church is an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church located in the heart of Western Kentucky. The church was started in 1970 under the direction of Dr. Bob Lamb. The church name at that time was Madisonville Baptist Temple. The church is still Madisonville Baptist Temple, but it is DBA Island Ford Baptist Church. The church was located on Princeton Pike in Madisonville, KY in a little white block building. It later was expanded to a larger building and in 1977 they started WSOF Christian Radio. Sometime around the late 70’s Dr. Bob Lamb left the church and, for a short period, Bro. Earl Chestnut┬ábecame pastor. In 1981, Dr. Jerry Clark from Greenville, SC became pastor which lasted only one year after which Bro. Ron Cochram became the next pastor. Over the next few years the church went through some difficult times financially and ultimately lost the grounds on Princeton Pike, but not the radio station. In 1984, they purchased 11 1/2 acres on Island Ford Rd and built a new building . Also in 1984, Bro. Cochram left the pastorate and Bro. Duane Rutherford became the new pastor. He served for the next three+ years after which he resigned and then Bro. Gary L. Hall was called and he became the pastor of the now Island Ford Baptist Church. In 1989, plans were set in motion that would move the radio station from Princeton Pike to the new church location. Now, the station and the church are under one roof and at one location. Bro. Hall has been pastor longer than any before him and has seen, over the years, additions to both the building and the congregation. On July 11, 2009, we were able to finally put up a steeple on the church. In June of 2014 Bro. Hall announced his resignation due to health concerns and his feeling that it was God’s will at that time. In August Bro. Farrell Shepherd was extended an invitation to candidate as Pastor and was unanimously voted in as new Pastor. He took that position on October 12, 2014. We thank God for all his blessing through the years and cordially invite you to come be with us in one or all of our services. Please visit the Service Times page for directions to the church from your house.